Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rugby highlights video?

A rugby highlights CV is a video presentation  from a series of games, season or career, that showcases all the best bits (tries, tackles, runs, passes, lineouts, kicks etc) into an action packed clip which can effectively promote your rugby abilities.

Why do people get rugby highlights videos made?

If you are playing at a semi-professional or professional level, it is a great way to promote yourself to academies, provincial unions or clubs either in your country or overseas. Coaches and Selectors can quickly see the skills you have to offer, without having to go through hours of footage. This can help them determine if your skill set suits their clubs style of play – and can result in the player securing a contract.
Getting a video highlights made is a great way for a player to remember a successful season, whether you won a championship, or just had a strong season personally. It is an effective way of keeping a fun memory of your season that you can watch quickly ad easily, without having to go through hours of footage on DVD.

How much does it cost?

We have a series of pricing options depending on what your requirements are. Price factors include – how much footage you have (a few games, a full seasons, multiple seasons, career), whether you have the times of your best plays available, or if we have to go through the footage and time it for you. In relation to the market we are very cost effective and will give you a quote which is very reasonable.

Where do you get the footage from?

Players provide match footage from their season in accordance with their school/club/union, and we can go through that full game footage to find your best plays for a highlights video. We recommend that you check with your club, union or person that films your games to ensure they are happy for you to have a highlights video made from the footage.

How can I send the footage to you?

If you have your game footage on DVD or hard drive, you can mail it directly to use, or you can access our Dropbox account and upload the footage direct to our Rugby Hits Media server. If your footage is online you can send us the links for us to access directly.

How long is a video highlights clip?

The length of the video clip depends on the amount of footage you want to showcase. We go for quality over quantity as this is a better watch and more effective for clubs and selectors (not to mention friends and family) to view. An average video highlights clip is 5 to 6 minutes long.

What background music do you use?

For a backing track we can provide royalty free music that gives the video an appropriate pumped up feel. We will discuss with you what style of music you would like and give you multiple options.

How do you get the video to us when it is finished?

Firstly we upload the video to Youtube and send you the link, so that you can promote yourself to an online audience on our Rugby Hits Media channel. This makes it easy for you to directly email/message your rugby highlights clip link to rugby clubs, friends and family. We will also upload the video to and our Facebook page to help promote you to a wider rugby audience. Finally, we send you a link to the video so that you can directly download a hard copy to your computer, hard drive, or to put on DVD.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us and we can provide you all the information you need!